Data we collect

Our primary service; connecting students with funding institutions, is informed by the information provided by both types of users. In order to effectively use our services, users are encouraged to make an account. The accuracy and effectiveness of our service is contingent upon the quality of information that users provide. Depending on the required use of our service this may include;

How we use your information

We use your information to enhance the service that we provide. This information is used to:

Without your permission we will never post on your third party accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) Our focus is providing the best funding platform for students. Your success is our success.

If Silo is involved in a merger, acquisition, sale or bankruptcy, we will notify you via email to update you on proceedings as well as actions available to you regarding your Personal Information.

What remains Private?

All sensitive information is stored privately; you can edit the information you wish to be publicly available. The default account privacy setting stores the following information privately:

There is certain degree of information-sharing that is required to access all of our services. For example, our search engine is informed by the information that you provide. Stripe process all payments on Silo, if you are crowdfunding it is necessary for us to share payment information with Stripe to complete any transaction. Stripe are expected to protect your information to an equally high standard.

The only circumstances under which we may share information with other parties are those concerning our compliance with law and law enforcement. Silo reserves the right to share information in cases of abuse, fraud and scenarios in which non-compliance would threaten the credibility and/or legality of the platform.

So What’s Public?

In signing up for Silo, users agree to create a public profile. This profile is used to facilitate the fundraising process; it contains basic information about the user. This information is used to enhance our search function and provide relevant results. All users are asked to verify their profiles via email confirmation.

For funding institutions this public profile consists of basic information that is of interest to potential applicants. This includes:
  • Name of institution
  • Amount offered
  • Contact information
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Application deadline
  • Charity number
For students this page consists of information that is of interest to funding institutions and potential backers of a crowdfunding campaign. This includes a student’s:
  • Name
  • Financial target
  • Country of origin
  • Purpose for funding
  • Comments on other profiles
  • Educational history

Students may sign up for or into our services using Facebook. In signing up though Facebook, Silo will receive information about you (such as your email address, education history, location, hometown, birthday.) We use this to verify your identity. Users are also encouraged to share their crowdfunding page across social media platforms to garner attention.

If you donate to a campaign the campaign founder will be notified of your name and the amount donated. Every user has a right to alter the visibility of information on their profile be it through omission or accessing your privacy settings.

Silo contacting you

The amount of contact you have with our support team is dependent on your stated preferences in creating an account. For students, this may range from reminders about upcoming deadlines to notes of congratulations when you reach your target. For funding institutions, this may range from updates about page views, to notifications about the progress of applicants. This communication will be minimised and only used to enhance your experience of our platform.

Parting note

The fundamental purpose of our privacy policy is to provide transparency. We’re committed to providing a credible, useful platform for fundraising. Protecting your sensitive information is an integral part of our service.

If either your personal information or your privacy preferences change, you may update your profile accordingly on the “Settings” page. Any queries concerning your personal information or usage of our services should be addressed to

It is understood that users under the age of 18 will comply with our terms of use, that is they may only use our service with adult supervision. We do not knowingly collect or solicit information from anyone under the age of 13. If you are concerned that certain information on seems to violate the terms stated above, please do contact us.