Our team

Andros Wong

Co-founder and CEO

A Canadian who lives in Hong Kong, Andros now studies Engineering, Economics and Management at Oxford. Bringing a keen eye for design, a host of technical skills, and an unparalled work ethic, Andros drives our progress at Silo.

Du'aine Davis

Co-founder and COO

Having just graduated with a degree in Economics and Management from Oxford, Du'aine is at the core of growth and business development at Silo. A creative with a sharp business mind and hands on experience in grass roots marketing, Du'aine provides the strategic direction.

Howard Tam

Co-founder and CTO

Currently an engineer at Oxford, Howard is the technical director of the team and advises our developers on modern technologies. His scrutiny for perfect code structure, design and style transforms our ambitious goals into cohesive code. The success of our lean development is evidence of his commitment to the cause.

Sam Lee


Sam is a Mathematics and Computer Science student at Oxford. He optimises the performance of our platform whilst ensuring that our user experience is superior to our competitors.

James Morrill

Product manager

James is currently studying mathematics at Oxford. A quick and disciplined learner, he makes it possible to push new features efficiently and improve our existing codebase.

Kathy Maniura

Head of marketing

Kathy is in her final year studying History at Oxford. She brings to company her experience of organising and promoting the performing arts, using her in depth knowledge of channels for contacting students to expand Silo's reach.