About Silo

Founded in 2016 and operating at Oxford University, Silo is a student focused funding community. Through us, students can crowdfund, connect and communicate with funding institutions and alumni.

Silo is the only service that centralises the fundraising process. We have the largest, most up to date online database of funding opportunities and we’re still growing! We’ve redesigned a students’ fundraising process, and our tri-focal approach that targets crowdfunding, institutions and alumni significantly increases a student’s chances of reaching their goal.

We provide a match-making service for students, alumni and funding bodies. Connecting students with alumni not only expands a student’s network of financial contributors but also provides alumni with a more personal and rewarding form of charitable giving. By creating their own profiles, funding institutions can now more efficiently communicate with students and even approve crowdfunding campaigns, further helping students reach their fundraising targets.

So, whether you’re a student tired of the current platforms available, an institution interested in helping the student community, or an alumni looking for a more rewarding and direct form of giving, sign up today and join the Silo community.